We Just Want The Government To Leave Us Alone, Except For When We Don’t

Yesterday, GOP congressional candidate Vicky Hartzler, speaks:


Sure, I’m just one of the people of the 4th district, lifelong farmer and a small town girl, went to school here my whole life. My husband and I are small business owners. We sell farm equipment, we have three stores. I was a teacher for several years, was a state rep for six years, a wife and a mom. We just want the government to leave us alone here in Missouri’s 4th.

The problem with Hartzler’s self-righteous invocation for the government to “leave us alone,” is that it has done anything but that with her farm business. According to data collected by the Environmental Working Group, Hartzler and her husband’s farm outside Harrisonville, Missouri, has “received $774,325 in federal subsidies from 1995 to 2009.”

HT Think Progress


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