Summer Breeze

I am getting lazy here on the almost but not quite Eastern shore, living by the water, not rushing to work but phoning it in.

I’m opening a secondary office here. There is plenty of business now, amazing as it is, though most of it comes from Central Maryland. I can hire two people (one degreed and one support), from this region and spread the work around this area. It sounds paltry but every job counts.

The building we are thinking of leasing is also for sale, so we’re considering purchasing it, leasing out three offices, keeping one floor for the firm, leaving one basement office for my wife’s practice should she decide to set up out here as well. The second floor has two huge or 4 small office spaces and the basement would have another small office to lease. It will take some time to work this out and we still aren’t sure in which direction we are heading.

Will be up at 5 to golf, after noon it is impossible in the over 100 degree heat we are expectiong. Family arriving on Monday.

Happy Weekend


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