Health Care Last Ditch Effort

I’m passing it on because I think it’s important as a statement even though I agree with cooper – ditch it and go for national health care. Knowing that isn’t going to happen it would be unconscionable to let it pass.

Urgent Call to Action: Our nation needs all of us today

I think it’s important to read the the post outlined above and to act.

Thank you from my son and daughter’s generation.


One response to “Health Care Last Ditch Effort

  1. I think I’ve signed up for this march three or four times and have it on my FB page. Would have put it on Twitter but always forget I have an account

    I’m so tired of thinking about health care. my premium was increased 37.6% but because I live in South Carolina nobody gives a damn let alone thinks about putting a moratorium on the increase. I have perfect, for any age, blood tests but because of my age, gender and use of medication can’t get the “healthy premium” Though I’m more healthy than most people who do they don’t use tests and doctor’s notes as a gauge
    Oh let me shut up as I can go on forever

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