More Tiger

According to Gerald Posner at Daily Beast, the story we all thought was probably closer to the truth comes out for real. Tiger’s wife found out, and she golf clubbed him while he was in an Ambien daze.

But Tiger is contrite and it seems as if Elin Nordegren has called off plans to divorce, at least for now, according to Radar Online.

I can get on with my day now.

I’m here less. Two children now and a business that despite the downturn in the economy is doing well enough to keep me busy.

I remain your best audience.

As little as I am able to make it here these days I’m consdiering starting a tumblr instead. I am looking into it. Cooper has a tumblr called Compulsions – that’s how I found tumblrs. I’ll let my massive audience know should I change format.


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