Michelle Wie Finally A Member of the Winners Circle

<a href="http://www.worldgolf.com/newswire/browse/61135-Michelle-Wies-win-pulls-top-rating-GOLF-CHANNEL-and-LPGA-Tour”>Michelle Wie’s first victory at the Lorena Ochoa Invitational garnered one of the year’s best LPGA Tour ratings for GOLF CHANNEL.

A much needed boost for the sagging LPGA viewership.


One response to “Michelle Wie Finally A Member of the Winners Circle

  1. I was really surprised to read both the Korean Language newspapers, Korea Daily and Hankook Ilbo mentioning that Michelle Wie was penalized because she touched ground when hitting the ball half submerged in water. The newspaper writers did not really understand that the penalty was the result of touching hazard area with her club before the second shot when her ball was still within the hazard line in spite of her first shot at the ball in the water. I clearly saw the shot several times by the video as well as her total play before and after her two shots at the hazard. My dismay is caused by Micelle’s excuses and lies about her bodily balance. Michelle, please know what is a shame. Go and read the rules more in depth, and consult with a rules officer before hitting a ball in hazard. If you are a citizen of USA, I know you are a person with 100% Korean blood. Please, MIchelle, make me nomore be ashamed of you in the future. I was totally dissapointed by your immature behaviour on March 28, 2010. Be an adult, and don’t act and pretend a spoiled infant any longer.;

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