There are some days that are too beautiful to describe. Today is one of them.

We’re adjusting to Maya, an easy child, she sometimes sleeps 4 hours at a time, never through the night. The in-laws on both side are planning a visit here. My wife is hesitant, with the flu that is around, and isn’t sure anyone should be around Maya after a long plane ride. Both sets of parents, finding it ridiculous, have nevertheless agreed to drive here instead of missing the opportunity to spend time with their new grandchild. The drive for both is around 6 or 7 hours they just come from different directions. My wife’s parents will arrive first sometime this week and stay for two weeks, my folks will follow.

You’ve probably guessed my golf time is slim, my wife kicked me out yesterday and I had a nice day of golf, with my 5 year old. My wife spent the time with a couple of friends who came to spend the day.

This afternoon it’s like a fall festival around here, pumpkins, yard work, chicken roasting and football.

Happy weekend.


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