Asian Invasion

With the those in the know assuring us that a major PGA even would probably be won by an Asian within the next 10 years, Y.E. Yang defied the talking heads and took it ten years early by winning the PGA Championship at Hazeltine, defeating Tiger Woods head to head. The 14th hole was a beauty, and Yang was impressive and cool the whole way, not easy to do when paired with the greatest golfer in the world.

Yang is 37 years old, didn’t start playing golf until he was 19 years old, and interrupted golf at age 21 for mandatory Korean Service duty. He then went to New Zealand to start playing golf for real, with some success abroad, and some disappointments on the PGA Tour. Today Yang becomes the first Asian to win a PGA title, and despite his recent move to Houston, they are celebrating in Seoul this morning, it’s morning there. I wish I could watch their news coverage of this win.


I made it home at the 14th hole and am going to catch up on the rest now.

Try to catch this round if you missed it, the the last round where Yang earned a pairing with Tiger Woods.

I notice he’s not in wikipedia. I wonder how long its going to take to get him an entry?


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  1. When is the baby coming?

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