A golfer was struck by lightening at Congressional Country Club yesterday. This is my wife’s worst nightmare. The first and last thing she says to me when I leave to play golf is “if you hear thunder, even if it sounds like it’s miles away, get off the course”.

A friend of mine was hit by lightening in college. He was in the hospital for a long time. What happens is the lightening goes through the body destroying tissue, some of it muscle, even if on the outside the person looks fine. Eventually that ends up clogging up the kidneys calling kidney failure and death. They keep victims in the hospital and pour fluids in them for days. They can see through blood work how much tissue damage is going on and they use that as a gauge for fluids. My friend was eventually released, but it was about 9 or 10 days of fluid and worrying about weather or not his heart was one of those muscles before he got the all clear.

It stormed here all night on and off. We stayed in. 😉


One response to “Lightening

  1. We’ve been having hours of heat thunder–which I googled and it means the sky is so clear blue you can’t see the lightening. One day we had 1.92 inches of rain in about an hour after the heat thunder. My deck and one window stayed wet until the next day. Never saw anything like that in a non-hurricance

    I was at Jones Beach on LI about 20 years ago and saw clouds I didn’t like. everybody laughed at me when I said we had to leave. 3 people were killed in the parking lots that day.

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