British Open

Latest report from the British Open from Game On, Tom Watson is in the clubhouse at 5 under, Tiger is even through 15 and you can see John Daily from the air.



One response to “British Open

  1. My what a difference a day makes; Or more appropriately a decade or so. Up until the mid 90’s the machinations of prejudice said ” Blacks could not play golf or tennis”. Haha. How do you like me now. Until the emergence of young Mr Woods, blacks were actually PROHIBITED from joining some of the most prestigious golf slash country clubs in America!! God has stuck it to all the crusty-nosed racist with the emergence of these African-American superstars! It’s great to see the likes of the Williams sister’s, Venus and Serena, come on the scene and simply revolutionize the game of women’s tennis. And Tiger has been equally, if not more, brilliant. In the 60’s and 70’s Blacks, “were not smart enough to be quarterbacks”. Doug Williams shot that myth down when he led the Washington,”Indians”, to a superbowl victory in the 80’s. Point?? It’s quite elementary; “Do not judge a picture by it’s color”. Thank you.

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