Congressional Weekend

Yesterday Tiger answered some questions, sent by readers to WAPO, a crumb before Tiger’s tourney at Congressional Country Club – AT&T National.
The U.S. Open is scheduled for Congressional in a couple of years but Tiger and AT&T have a potential 4 year extension in the works too.

A piece in U.S.A. Today, Tiger draws scrutiny from social activism proponents, call Tiger

an easy target for people who think he owes a debt to society that should be paid in more social activism.

Among those is NFL Hall of Famer Jim Brown, who told HBO’s Real Sports that Woods’ social record is “terrible,” adding, Woods “gets away with teaching kids to play golf, and that’s his contribution.”

There’s a poll there you can take to see how you feel about athletes giving back.

l think everyone has to do what they have to do and what Tiger is doing is a concentrated effort with follow through.
These programs tend to be more beneficial than many more publicized charities.

I’ll be at Congressional Saturday and Sunday. Hope the weather holds out.


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