It’s Wednesday

Cooper alluded to it in her last post, but I’m finding it a little weird.

From Politico:

In a new twist to an already bizarre episode, South Carolina’s lieutenant governor said Monday night that neither he nor Gov. Mark Sanford’s staff know where the governor is and that Sanford’s office refused his demand to talk to his fellow Republican.

In other news Duval found his game last week -good too see. Once the best player in the world he disappeared off anyone’s radar after his BO win in 2001. Ranked 882 in the world, a ranking that junped to 142 after his almost win last weekend, he was all but forgotten. Until this past weekend. I hope to see him make a few more runs and hope one or two of them are successful.

We’re heading to the eastern shore to look at property this weekend. Found two places in the mountains but both need more work than I want to think about. We are going to look around the bay, Solomon’s Island, and Saint Michael ‘s. We’ve narrowed down what we’re looking at to 10 or so properties,


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