Stupid Frednecks

The Maryland Board of Education ruled that unless the local school system has a valid reason, officials cannot seek the immigration status of students

They were trying to convince everyone they wanted this because of funding , something hard to believe because because both the commissioner and the Sheriff’s office here have been known witch hunters, in my opinion, of Hispanics for the past two years.

The county board of Education told the commissioners it was an illegal request, some dip ass red neck lawyer said he didn’t really think the law applied so they petitioned anyway. They lost. I’m sure they’ll continue their campaign of thinly disguised hatred some other way, they’ve been doing it for years.

On Tuesday, the state board cited the 1982 U.S. Supreme Court case of Pyler v. Doe in its ruling. That case held the Constitution prohibits state or local government from denying immigrant children the benefit of a public education.


One response to “Stupid Frednecks

  1. Funny how that works, those guys are such assholes, and so transparent.

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