Tiger loses match to Tim Clark

Tiger lost in the second round of match play, to Tim Clark, but according to the L.A. Times “NBC will spend a good portion of their Accenture Match Play Championship telecasts this weekend showing why Tiger Woods is not playing.” The reason is because according to the hit counters and ratings numbers what viewers want is Tiger Woods, and Lance Armstrong – where did that come from.

“I lost,” was Woods’ accurate summation of the abbreviated comeback.

The joy they felt for the cha -ching Tiger’s presence would bring in MARANA, Ariz this weekend faded because as Wood’s depart some fans and viewers also fade.

Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times

Tiger was calm. Asked, “Where do you go from here?” he answered, “To the airport.”

A slow come back is better for the fans, a slow build-up to the Masters. This is going to be an interesting spring in the world of golf.

What’s Next For Tiger Now?


2 responses to “Tiger loses match to Tim Clark

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  2. That was so sad, Tiger losing. I have always been into him but now feel I must know more than names and that Greg Norman owns a restaurant in a community too organized for me

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