Freezing Friday

You have to admit those people who landed in the Hudson were very lucky. Maybe this is the shape of things to come given Bush gave his final speech last night – cooper covered it well enough – and now we can hope. Not to say we can’t have doubts but hope was pretty much gone before now.

I wondered why the aircraft started to sink in less than 3 minutes. I thought an aircraft might be able to stay afloat for fifteen or twenty minutes, enough time to safety remove most people.
It really does pay to be the exit-sitter.

Some NPR on the plane crash.

The temperature here is dangerously cold and the wind makes it worse. I could never live anywhere colder. My son was bundled up so tight he could hardly walk this morning, didn’t seem to bother him. The cold that is. The bundling bothered him a lot. I’m sure the hats, mittens and layers ended up on the bus floor pretty fast.

And then there is the not so surprising news of Circuit City. It’s liquidating. They couldn’t find a buyer. We’ll be down to no competition in electronics sales soon, and that is too bad. I don’t care about the banks but man couldn’t you have helped Circuit City?


2 responses to “Freezing Friday

  1. I’m glad no one was hurt in the crash, sounds like the pilot did a great job

  2. I always sit in the row after the exit one. Yesterday when making reservations for uh Friday the 13th, the plane was almost empty so I did one row after “first class” Same coming home–and my designation and then leaving from airport is LaGuardia

    I did this because I’m convinced the odds of getting bad germs and then becoming sick are much higher than a graceful plunge into the Hudson

    I also take Spirit’s last flight of the day as they usually don’t cancel that one

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