Preparing for tax season.

Nothing from here because I’m preparing for an ice storm predicted for tomorrow. I just carried several bags of salt in. I had hoped to get away with no salt this year, it’s hard on the driveway.

Sitting looking at our personal books and the list our accountant sends us every year telling us to get ready for tax season.
I dislike this time of year. Taxes for the business are not bad, I have someone doing monthly bookkeeping there, but the personal stuff is always a mess.

My resolution is to keep a much tighter rein on the organization of our personal books this year.

Happy Tax season ya’ll.


One response to “Preparing for tax season.

  1. Uh, I have to do taxes for two states this year–just got the accountant’s “prep” booklet today–actually emailed him to see if he sent it. I’m just a tad obsessive

    I think I will get back the taxes I paid to NY for the apartment sale as I lost so much money but you never know

    A lot of people here want a consumption tax. As I bought a house, am renovating it and planning to buy big ticket items I feel that would penalize me for helping the economy–and I wouldn’t buy the things I’m planning to

    I think I could write forever on the subject of taxes and will do you a favor and stop

    Hope you, your wife and son have a wonderful new year

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