Friday views and news

Is there an option for the Jack Nicklaus Trophy this year? Despite Tiger’s win at the U.S. Open some people think so.

That’s right, the Jack Nicklaus Trophy is truly up for grabs, even though one of the competitors hasn’t played since June. You remember June, when the best golfer in history, Tiger Woods, fought an injured knee and Rocco Mediate to a 90-hole standstill and then won the U.S. Open in amazingly thrilling fashion. Quite a way to finish one’s year, really. But since Woods went on the shelf with knee surgery, he left the door wide open for someone else to claim the award he has won nine times, including each of the past three years.

$750 / 3br – Rooms for Rent in N.J. for Inauguration

Saw this in The Atlantic. The comments point out the truth. In easy traffic it’s at least two hours and during the inauguration period you might want to plan on 3. Whoever rents these rooms might be a little disappointed.

I live 45 minutes away with easy train access. Our rooms are already taken for the event, but they were given out for free. Damn.

More than half a million jobs lost in November.

The stare of Maryland is furloughing it’s employees.

O’Malley is proposing temporary furloughs for more than 67,000 state employees and a shutdown of state government operations for two days during the coming holidays, according to internal documents provided yesterday to The Baltimore Sun.

The proposal would save $34.4 million and help to keep the anemic state budget in the black, according to a letter from Budget Secretary T. Eloise Foster addressed to union officials and provided to The Sun and other news outlets. While the O’Malley administration doesn’t need approval from labor unions – a key constituency for the governor – contours of the proposal were hammered out in consultation with union officials.

One response to “Friday views and news

  1. Times are getting hard. My father was laid off from his job last week. So many friends and family are losing their jobs. It is scary times… hopeful soon we will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Hope you and yours are doing great!

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