Have I Got a Job For You

Unemployment rates are increasing faster than my waistline.

I had been looking for a receptionist for a week, my old receptionist having been being promoted to office manager. Word of mouth drew in 6 applicants last week, all college grads who can’t find work in their respective fields, or any field for that matter. I had placed an ad in the newspaper not knowing I’d get so many responses from word of mouth. Since the ad was placed only two days running and has now stopped we have had at least fifteen calls a day for the position. We filled the position Monday. I’m starting to feel as if I need to create another position just to employ someone else.

It’s a receptionist position, pays well over minimum wage because that’s just the way we fall and we expect perfection, but it doesn’t pay what anyone would consider a lot of money.

The unemployment rate is scary folks.

On a positive not I got a great deal on a pair of golf shoes this weekend. Retailers can’t get rid of their stuff. It’s our job to help them do so. After they’ve marked it down seventy five percent.

2 responses to “Have I Got a Job For You

  1. I graduated college in a recession that I actually found fun. Lived through another in the late 80’s early 90’s that wasn’t fun, but this one isn’t comprehensible and from what I can understand didn’t need to happen

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving

  2. As a convicted felon, I can tell you it ain’t easy to get a job during this malaise. Construction, nil. Other avenues, usually barred from the attempt. So I write. Maybe one day I’ll get the right story or topic to make a mint or a living.

    For those in need of work, try old employers, friends & acquaintances that have freelance ops. and work on some independent projects or start a service business. You gotta eat. Brainstorm.

    And believe me, it is easier for you that it EVER will be for me…

    People may not hire resumes, but they sure as hell don’t hire ex-stalkers (if that is even a term to use) when looking for competent people.

    Have a good holiday season!!!

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