AIG, Veterans Day

You can stop spending our money now.
Another AIG Resort “Junket”: Top Execs Caught on Tape

This is after they got another 150 billion.

Happy Veterans Day

Community of Veterans dot org. a community exclusively for Afghanistan and Iraq Veterans.


2 responses to “AIG, Veterans Day

  1. That’s a great site I’ll have to post it somewhere. looks like it’s fairly new.

    i saw the AIG ddue on Larry King giving plausible explanation as those trips were for the independent agent who sell their products none of them employed by AIG – a conference for training which would help boost the economy.

    Problem is the people really don’t do anything but go to a couple of meeting the rest is all a gift for selling the most for the company,at least that is what those who have been on similar trips for similar companies tell me. it’s not that the exec get the trips it’s that it is a way to boos profits by making these people work harder to sell their product but the trips ar luxurious and mostly fun.

  2. That is a great vid.

    I have been reading blogs that talk about how people who express pride in Obama being elected aren’t “patriotic” as they should have had pride in vets

    These aren’t radical right blogs and completely miss the point that taking back America and pride in a Black man being elected adds a certain something to pride in American vets.

    I can’t really say that on those blogs as they don’t comprehend two differing feelings at once or have been comatose re this country for eight years

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