Trick or Treat

No red faces over orange pumpkin signs

” Maryland officials, who say child molestation is no laughing matter, have backed off a plan requiring convicted sex offenders to hang pumpkin signs on their doors on Halloween after the program became the butt of late-night television jokes.

The bright orange signs, reading, “No candy at this residence,” in all capital letters, were sent to the state’s 1,200 violent and child sex offenders earlier this month along with instructions that they must post them on their front doors on Friday evening. “

Some think it’s fear mongering.

What do you think?

As a father of a kindergartner who will be tricking or treating only in a very small area tonight my feelings are mixed. My wife is an attorney and a mother, but she sees this law as a band aid and political posturing. I see it as a deterrent. I have no sympathy for the devil.

Who in their right mind would let their kids out to trick or treat alone anyway?

Be safe.

Happy Halloween.


One response to “Trick or Treat

  1. I agree with your wife. Many houses with the signs will probably get egged and maybe much worse. The big problem comes, if someone steals a sign and transplants it onto someone else’s property. Just food for thought.

    I think the sex-offender databases are good n plenty.

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