I Thought The Debate Was Tonight – It’s Not. A Free Moment For Blogging.

I’m only a quasi follower of Hockey, but this is a little shocking.
Questions in the Wake of Cherepanov’s Death
Cardiomyopathy is something I’ve seen listed as the cause of death number of times over the last few years when a young athlete out of the blue up and dies all of a sudden. I’m interested in following this through to the autopsy.

Baseball. Not really but, it’s close.

A man is suing Bon Jovi for 400 BILLION DOLLARS.

Bon Jovi is being sued by musician Samuel Bartley Steele because Steele alleges that the “Livin’ On A Prayer” singer stole the lyrics from his Boston Red Sox-inspired song “(Man I Really) Love This Team” and used them in “I Love This Town,” which appeared on his band’s 2007 album Lost Highway.

Jon Bon Jovi Being Sued For $400 Billion For Plagiarism

This I gotta follow too.
I’d like to see all the papers on this one.

400 billion – nice take if you can get it.

Cooper has it right on Terrorism, Obama and the bitchin Hitchen endorsement, and culture kitchen asks, and rightly so in FL-16: What’s the Matter with Florida??

I ask the FL-16 district: what is wrong with you? First a Republican pedophile, then a Democrat whose strict morality only applies to others, not himself? Are these truly the people you want representing you? Maybe you should stop listening to sermons from politicians and start paying attention to what they are really like and where they stand on issues!

Pia is making her big move today I read. Send her some good vibrations. May South Carolina learn from her.


2 responses to “I Thought The Debate Was Tonight – It’s Not. A Free Moment For Blogging.

  1. I took pictures of many houses and passed hundreds. Only saw three McCain posters. No Obama but I’m hoping people don’t want to offend. Though I would if I weren’t going back to NY on 11/04–for the celebrations, hopefully

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