Sell and Buy

I didn’t know I owned any of the ill fated AIG but a notice I got in  the mail several days before this horrific bailout let me know I did, and that it is practically worthless, but they are protecting what’s left.

What a bunch of crooks and liars. Let loose by Bush Cheney and supported up until recently by McCain – and most of the government who are too busy fighting over who wins.

And don’t let me get started on  the water scams.

if you have any money left in anything take it out and start buying up all the under valued and foreclosed properties you can.

That’s what we’re doing .

Screw them all.


One response to “Sell and Buy

  1. I can’t beleive that the AIG situation wasn’t avoidable, I am not an economist, just a realist. Surely if the state could intervene to take over the business where the capital markets failed, they could also have identified those that were deliberately pushing the sahres down by either suspending the shares indefinately, or prevented short-selling on the stocks? Either way it would have been state intervention, but one way would not have cost the US tax payer £85bn!

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