GolF, Olympics

Padraig Harrington holds the Wanamaker Trophy Sunday after winning the PGA

Open champion Harrington wins at Oakland Hills

Some people say Golf is no fun without Tiger. It’s not as exciting but it’s still golf and I love it.

The speculation that golf is in the works to be an Olympic sport as early as 2106 is still around. Most agree it won’t happen.

Trevor Immelman insists that there is no place for golf at the Olympic Games.

The South African also believes that fellow mega-money sports such as basketball and tennis should be shown the Olympics exit door because they are alien to the basic principles the Games.

“I don’t think golf should be an Olympic sport,” said Immelman, who is here this week to try and win his second major of the year at the 90th PGA Championship.

“I don’t think basketball should be an Olympic sport. I don’t think tennis should be an Olympic sport.

“To me the Olympics were founded on amateur sport. Guys go in there and train for four years putting their whole lives on the line to win a gold medal.”

PGA Tour executive Ty Votaw was appointed last month to lead an effort to have golf included in the 2016 Summer Olympics.

But the outspoken Immelman thinks money-driven sports should be kept out of the showpiece, the latest edition of which starts in Beijing on Friday.

Some good points.

Amateur – most of our athletes are already professional amateurs – it’s a hard call.


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