Tedious Day

To let everyone know. I read you at least every other day. I just can’t seem to post that often.

I have a most enjoyable time in Augusta, decided it would be a lovely place to live one day.

Primary day in Pennsylvania.

I was reading about the distinct divide between younger and older feminists in this election. I try not to read too much of anything these days. I rarely find much of what I read to be accurate.

The woman in my family, including my wife  (considered young), and my mother in law, considered “older” are Obama supporters. My mother undecided is among those who will vote in North Carolina in May. She admitted to leaning toward Obama at this time. My other sister in laws, young by all standards, are split.

I have only one known Republican in my immediate family.

I wish you all calm on this day, the media will be annoying all night no matter who wins, so take a deep breath.


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