Serious Biz.

Ongoing battle in Annapolis where O’Malley wants to repeal the tech tax while increasing the states wealthiest. The battle will continue, but the legislature is at end of session  and it will be interesting to see how far this goes. Maryland is in a mess partially due to deregulation of utilities, most residents seeing an huge increase in their utility bills over the last six months.

They also resurrected the bill which would ban use of hand held phone devices while driving. The bill looked to be doomed but was resurrected yesterday, only to the point of removing everything from the bill but a ban on texting while driving.

Common sense and a look at statistics would tell you we need a bill to ban the use of hand held devices while driving. It isn’t surprising that this bill has languished , as much of the legislation in Annapolis has lately.

In case you needs something else to waste your time we have Client No. 9: Let’s get ‘SIRIUS’ about this now

SIRIUS, the subscription satellite radio service, has invited everyone from conservative commentator Bill Bennett to Playboy radio — with interviews of prostitutes — to weigh in on the saga of the New York governor ensnared in a federal probe of the Emperors Club VIP.

They are even billing a segment with Bennett and Sen. John McCain of Arizona, the presumptive Republican Party nominee for president, in a series of weekend spots that will include the owner of the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, the legit brothel in Nevada. Attention: McCain campaign bookers — you may want to reconsider that engagement.

Callers will get a chance to join the debate with Vinnie Politan and others, starting at 5 pm EDT this evening and running through midnight Monday. For those with a subscription, it’s on Ch. 126.


One response to “Serious Biz.

  1. Damn.

    Hey I like the red. I think I used this once for the Darfur blog. Very cool.

    I have “serious” issues with O’Malley as well.

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