Dead Birds and Golfers

The Orlando Sentinel nails it when they call Tripp Isenhour a frontrunner for “Dud of the year” for killing a bird because the Hawk was annoying him while he was filming a golf video.

1. Tripp Isenhour: This guy is currently the frontrunner for Dud of the Year after his pathetic hawk-killing escapade was exposed earlier this week. What moron loses his temper and kills a bird for chirping too loudly? His outburst speaks volumes to the sense of entitlement and arrogance displayed by many professional golfers.

There is some discussion of it here in Controversy on the Golf Course – He Got a Birdie!

I side with the Hawk. A grown man should be able to control himself better than that, it speaks of an underlying sense of entitlement just the article at the top suggests.


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