Trumped in Puerto Rico

Trump Plans Puerto Rico Golf Complex

From The Tampa bay Times:Trump plans Puerto Rico project -With a Tampa tower still an undeveloped lot, the mogul looks to build a $600M golf club.

This sounds familiar: New York real estate tycoon Donald Trump sweeps into a community far to the south to announce a partnership he promises will transform the area.

That didn’t work out too well for downtown Tampa, which was supposed to be the site of a landmark skyscraper bearing Trump’s name, but remains an undeveloped lot three years later.


2 responses to “Trumped in Puerto Rico

  1. Damn, a Puerto Rico location would be sweet though. I have a feeling he does this sweeping thing quite a bit. What’s the word on that last Scotland project he was doing?

  2. I used to call a certain type of dust I had never
    seen before “Trump dust.”

    I didn’t know that pollen is yellow. It hit Manhattan the same time Trump did

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