Not Getting It.

Golfweek cover featuring noose raises ire of PGA Tour commissioner

Golfweek Magazine, as part of a package of stories on the controversy involving Golf Channel anchor Kelly Tilghman’s comment that players should “lynch [Tiger Woods] in a back alley,” used the image of a noose on the cover of its Jan. 19 issue.

That decision has added fuel to a flap which has seen Tilghman suspended for two weeks from her anchoring duties. Woods’ agent said he considers Tilghman’s remark a “non-issue.”

What the hell, weren’t they selling enough magazines without adding fuel to the fire.

I subscribe to several Golf rags. Golf Week is one of them, or used to be. My subscription is canceled.
What i call it is taking advantage of a situation of some controversy in order to make money with a sensationalist cover.

“We knew that image would grab attention, but I didn’t anticipate the enormity of it,” Dave Seanor, vice president and editor of the weekly magazine, said from the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Fla.

Evidence, as if any were needed, that people don’t get it.

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