Monday meanderings.

Cooper and Pia both wrote a little about this in their blogs a of couple days ago.

Will the GOP you tube Debate Be Postponed?

Ron Paul the only willing candidate.

It’s scheduled for the 17th of September but looks unlikely to go off at that time, according to recent reports.

Doesn’t matter a lick to me I’m not voting Republican. Not even for money. 😉

Freaky sad situation on Ocean City Maryland where

The bodies of four small infants were found at the home of a woman who denied having been pregnant, even after she was taken to a hospital and doctors discovered a placenta and part of an umbilical cord, police said.

Police found the most newly delivered child, a baby boy, in the vanity below a bathroom sink at Christy Freeman’s home, according to charging documents. A further search found the corpses of two other babies in a trunk in her bedroom and another in a small recreational vehicle parked in her driveway.

RIP Bill Walsh: Former 49er head coach Bill Walsh dies


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