Alice Cooper and Impeachement

What I’m reading.
For Alice Cooper, golf is a slice of life

He’s a damn good golfer.

The tournament was nice/ Congressional is an awesome course.

We almost held out wedding reception there but it cost almost as much as our house to do so. We opted for the house.

The more I hear the excuses not to impeach, ( takes too much time, the people don’t want to go through all that, and on and on ) the more I think we should impeach the asshole. I think the people would like that, I think the people would appreciate it and as symbolic as it might be I think Bush needs to be impeached.


3 responses to “Alice Cooper and Impeachement

  1. ha, using “alice cooper” and not talking about me.

    I agree, I would prefer to see them impeach.

  2. Had the same initial reaction as Cooper–using that name in another context–ergo a rock something and golfer is jolting

    I don’t believe we live in a democracy anymore. Haven’t really in seven years

    We never found out what happened in Florida because of 9/11–which gave him a free on stage pass forever

    Now that I’m over my personal tragedy after it; I’m angrier than ever

    We do have a Democratic led House? And they’re doing, what?

  3. Have you personally played Congressional? The only PGA tour courses I have played are the Disney World courses.
    I did play Bunker Hills G.C. in Minnesota a week after the Senior Tour was there also, and MAN was it in great shape!

    My page has a “golf only” link at the top right of my page…it pulls up my latest golf thoughts, and course I’ve played. Stop by anytime 🙂


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