Happy Fourth Weekend.

Happy Long Fourth of July Weekend.

 With the fourth coming conveniently in the middle of the week it can be celebated on either end.

The next two weeks are the prime vacation weeks of summer.

I will be working  non-stop in July, so not be much of a vacation for me until August.

We’re going to head to a park near here for the fourth, and for the first time expose our son to a large display of fireworks. Wish us luck.

You all take care, and if you’re  bored here, which is quite likely, I haven’t exactly been tearing the place up lately, check out some of the reads on the sidebar.

Cooper is no longer a nineteen year old college student with a blog she is “a blogger”. Always was as far as I’m concerned, but she gets better every day and never fails to make me think, or laugh.

Pia is writing her book and may not be blogging much but if you haven’t read her start from the beginning.

This dude is extremely entertaining and insignful.

Does anyone kow what happened to Chris? His blog looks like it’s shut down.


One response to “Happy Fourth Weekend.

  1. You made my day. Yes you did. Thank you 🙂 I would be speechless if you hadn’t

    sent me to Jason’s blog where I wrote the longest comment in the history of my comments

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