Hot Day Thoughts

It’s heading toward ninety today, just in time for a late afternoon round of golf.

This I just don’t get.

Romney’s stock rises in 2008 Republican race

With the U.S. Open only a couple of weeks away Mickelson Withdraws From Memorial With Wrist Injury

Save that wrist Phil, please.

And one of the worlds biggest spammers was arrested. Maybe my email box can rest in peace now.

Extending a Happy 22nd birthday to cooper.

One of the most interesting young women on the net. I had the privilege of meeting her last fall when she took a term off for independent study and an internship here. Both my wife and myself were voting at the poll where she was acting sign-holder and transporter, we arranged to meet there and do coffee. I tell you what you see is what you get, and she instigated an slight bit of activist blood on both myself and my wife.

Happy Day Cooper.

2 responses to “Hot Day Thoughts

  1. I’m sorry, Romney gives me the creeps. Plain and simple.

  2. If one of the most interesting young women on the net thinks Rommney….She is

    Heard about your meeting 🙂

    I’m actually staying in a condo golf money bought, so I feel a bit of kinship to it
    and one of the most interesting…and by extenstion….

    In a silly mood. It was in the 90’s at the beach and yes my brain is fried

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