Golf, Gold Carts and the flailing Orioles.

It’s offical, my blogger blog is dead. I had previously switched it over to my gmail account and it was working fine but for some reason when they made the final switch something happened. I can’t get into it. I tried every way possible.  It’s done.

WordPress is my permenent home.

Ryo Ishikawa is dreaming of breaking Tiger Woods’ record at the US Masters, and at the age of fifteen he has five years to do it.

Japanese golf prodigy out for Tiger’s Masters record

Who said Golf isn’t a dangerous sport?

In addition to  fear of flying balls causing permanent brain or at the very least, eye damage there are those dangerous golf course plnunges. This is in fact a real danger and it is a tragedy that this occured. I have played at the West Virginia course mentioned in this article and it woldn’t pay to be driving that cart after a few beers.

The Orioles flailing( or is it failing ) again. it doesn’t stop the pure enjoyment if a night at Camden Yards.

Business is picking up much faster than I had anticiapted. I have less time to blog but will continue reading my favorites as daily as can be.


3 responses to “Golf, Gold Carts and the flailing Orioles.

  1. Good luck to him I say. I like seeing new exciting young prodegies coming through the ranks.

  2. welcome to my permanent blogging home

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