The B man speaks.

I’ve had a busy few day so I missed recognizing the day Jackie Robinson “broke the color barrier”.

One of the best things I’ve read on it.

Here’s to you, Mr Robinson

Albert Gonzales – “MANIPULATIVE or clueless?” A question posed in the first sentence of this Econimist dot com. article.

How about, clueless that we know he is manipulative or that we know of their manipulations.

Get rid of them all. Is there no protectio for the people of this country?


One response to “The B man speaks.

  1. They’ll get rid of Gonzales as he’s become expendable will be a big circus sideshow to detract from all the damage they can still do

    We have been expendable since Florida, 2000. Unfortunately because of what happened next we geve them far too big a pass

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