We’ve had a rash of people coming to our door this week asking for money.

Don’t get me wrong, I donate to the volunteer fire department and various other agencies. I have even donated to door to door solicitors in the past. I always do the kids who are selling things for the local high school or elementary school. I am always a sucker for Girl Scout Cookies and the like but over the least two weeks I have had three different fire departments here and just this morning someone from a small business association.

The small business people wanted me to fill out a survey, which I gladly complied with all the time thinking it would hasten their departure. What they really wanted was nine hundred dollars for a membership.

My wife no longer answers the door when strangers pull up.

“Jacob can you get the door please, it’s someone wanting money again.

Just a complaint.


2 responses to “Complaining

  1. I bet you are a pushover and give them all your money.

    You are probably overloaded with wrapping paper too.

  2. I can’t get people coming to my door–doormen do serve a great purpose

    But I have put every cause, every business, and sadly every candidate into spam as I’m sick of it

    I also have a decoy phone number. Just couldn’t take it anymore. The price of being a good citizen shouldn’t be being harassed to death–since all orgs are exempt from the no call registry and any business that has ever had business with you are also, it’s horrible

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