Reading the last paragraph of the post San Francisco Chronicle in Trouble .I gave it some thought.

I would be disapointed if my local news journal went out of business. I read it to catch up on local events and politics and sports. It keeps me in touch with what is happening on my back yard.

I could read it online but I prefer to sit around with a cup of coffee in the morning and read. I also read both the WSJ and WAPO each day and I don’t want to replace the paper version with the digitalized version anytime soon.

$2500.00 to clean his chandalier is a little excessive.


One response to “Tuesday

  1. The New York Times is supposed to be my hometown paper but for some years now they have focused on national news and trivia and I deeply resent that. So do most other New Yorkers–however….I like the hard copy also, but always feel compelled to link to it

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