Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday,

That song is stuck in my mind.

Golf: Woods Regains His Powers to Take the Lead on Brutal Course
Regains his powers?? It’s not like he really lost anything.
Next “The Master’s”.

Hoya’s pulled it out by the skin of their teeth, good to see.
You can catch a brief video here if you are willing to wait a few seconds.

Leonardo Dicaprio And Kate Winslet Together Again

Am I the only human alive who has not seen Titanic?


2 responses to “Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday,

  1. Yes, Jacob you probably are the only human alive, over twelve, who hasn’t seen the Titanic
    Does that make you a bad person?
    No, you knew the beginning middle and ending already
    The movies now cost $11 in Manhattan. It scares me because I find that reasonable.

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