Catching – Up

I haven’t been on line that much the last few days, my business is booming and that does have drawbacks when it comes to online time.

This is a crying shame, making us a sham. It calls bullshit on the government and not just the current one. This has not just all of a sudden happened.

I find out from Cooper that MJ is back at The Barr Exam. This is good news.

Cooper has an interesting post up and I only feel more stupid whenever I read about things of which I know too little about. Sunni, Shia damn, I had to go read up on it after reading her post. I am not brave enough to outright disagree with anyone online. I am a coward. Or maybe I am just old and don’t have the energy.

Pia has the start of a story which we all wish had continued.

March Madness – soon.

One response to “Catching – Up

  1. I know I left a comment on this post. But it seemed to have disappeared.

    Glad business is booming but that you still find time for blogs

    I wish you knew how funny your style is. Maybe you do

    Thanks for your comment. It was very inspiring. I ended staying up until 3:30 new time obsessively writing a post on top of it

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