Golf and Snow

I was stunned yesterday when Tiger was ousted from
 match play thereby ending his streak, Ogilvy is looking good to take it all right now.

From Tiger’s Streak Ends in Stunning Fashion

“Only after Woods struck his putt did he notice the ball mark he neglected to repair, which he said caused the ball to bump slightly off line to the right and slide by the cup. One hole later, O’Hern made a 12-foot par putt that sent Woods home without a trophy on the PGA Tour for the first in more than seven months.”


The ice pellets we were supposed to have did not materialize, instead we have a couple inches of snow and it looks like it had no plans of stopping any time soon. What a end of Febrary surprise. Another two hours will be wasted getting this stuff off of the drive in the morning.


2 responses to “Golf and Snow

  1. Jacon I don’t come here enough, you make me laugh.

  2. Jacon–sorry Cooper makes me laugh. You always make me laugh.
    Kind of think of your blog and how I always find whatever you have to say so funny as my secret
    You even have me laughing over poor Tiger Woods who is only human after all. Sometimes I think he’s too perfect.

    Selfish of me, really.

    Wanted to thank you for your comment. Needed exactly what you said

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