Not my gamer.

All eyes on the match in Arizona as Tiger tries for number eight.

In other news, there is other news besides golf – “Colangelo-Bryan, a lawyer representing several of the detainees, said: “The court of appeal has said it is perfectly legal to lock men up for ever without even a hint of due process.”

My wifes parents came in to town this weekend.

Tell me what a three year old need a gaming system for again?
It goes without saying we had to tell them it was inapproriate and we wanted them to bring it back. We are thinking age ten or so maybe a gaming system will be approriate but not for now.

I like to call it unaware instead of stupid.


One response to “Not my gamer.

  1. That quote rather perfectly sums up much about the USA today

    It would be hystericaly funny, if say Bill Clinton was president–bad example-I can’t think of a good one

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