Blogger bite my butt.

Over the next two weeks I will stop posting at the blogger site altogether and go completely to this wordpress site I began some months ago.

I stayed there because I had some kind of page rank but it is not worth it to me because blogger is notoriously unworthy and often non functional and I like the wordpress dot com platform a lot so I am moving there permanently.

The Anna Nicole Smith story is tragic and I want to leave it alone and wish they all would.

We had a conference with my sons preschool teacher yesterday. Since when do you need conferences for preschool anyway?

The teacher said, and I quote more or less, ” your son is quite bright; he is either going to be a leader of his peers or he is going to need to be handled with great care because he will be out of control.”

All this because the kids in the school follow him around and do what he does but he sometimes gets “crazy” and does things to make them “laugh and carry on”.

He is not quite four years old, I am not sure what they expect but I thought it was pretty ridiculous. I almost started to laugh, my wife did start to laugh, but she covered it well.

For the women for the world.
Harvard to Name First Female President in History of University

First Harvard then the country???

Shayna came back to let us know she was ok. A relief that was.

I link to A Few Minor Details to help cooper spread the word.


One response to “Blogger bite my butt.

  1. Obviously your son takes after you 🙂
    That is very funny. Thanks. I needed a laugh over something really stupid. Not your son. The idea of a pre school conference, and what was said

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