The Bizarre and the Stupid

Astronaut in bizarre kidnap plot in Florida court
jealousy is a horrible thing but you can’t make this stuff up.

I don’t understand how these tapes got out but Arnold seems smarter on these tapes than I gave him credit for. 😉

Turner broadcasting is going to be paying the city of Boston for their “error in judgement”.

Lets get serious here.

One of the comments from the above highlighted post by Gina Serpe (“Turner Pays for Boston “Bombing”) at E-online says it for me.

“I have to agree with Poorgarby on this one. This is a sad sad day for America. The ignorant people who called these in as bombs should be fined! Why not first fine television shows such as 24 for giving ideas to people who might want to become a terrorist? Not saying anything against 24…it is a great show. Wake up America…Fear is how people control you…As a President Roosevelt said “The only thing to fear is fear itself.”


One response to “The Bizarre and the Stupid

  1. “brain damage” a category? Jacob you’re sicker than I am, in a great way

    The country since before the impeachment could be a great satirical movie by Cristopher Guest “This is America” only you can’t go home or turn the TV off

    Boggles my mind at how my Dad wouldn’t recognize this country and he died in the 90’s

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