No More Debate

For those who are not caught up the debate on Global Warming is Over.

Hear that OVER.

I’m glad that only took twenty years.

I’m taking the Colts Sunday.

Seven Points.

True Dat thoughts at Darfur and Unforgettable Hell on Earth –Travesty, Politics, comments and Darfur is still Dying.

The ground-hog assured us we won’t have to suffer much longer. I hope he is right, it’s only eh third weekend I have been unable to play gold all winter and I don’t like it one bit.

I wish Shayna would come back to let us know how she it.


2 responses to “No More Debate

  1. jacob, I just figured out I had written your blogspot linlk wrong with that “blogspot” being “blogpsot” and was linked to that religious add site for god knows how long.

    Thanks for linking to the Darfur thing.

  2. Jacob I have multi-commenting problems. One is I get hung up on the comment above mine and that is so so classic Cooper, it warms my very cold heart.

    I wish Shayna would let us know also

    I was reading “blog posts dedicated to ridiculing Courting” and one went on and on about how I was one of the people making global warming up, and didn’t I know that Gore would never run because he’s too busy making global warming up for the masses.

    I do believe that if Bush still had much power that report would have never been seen publicly

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