SOTU bombs.

The SOTU address didn’t go over very well; it doesn’t take a variety of pundits, online or elsewhere, to point out the scary grimaces on Condi Rice’s face during the whole thing. It was painful to watch, I was grimacing too. I didn’t realize it until my wife asked me what was wrong with my face. She has asked me that before just not in this context.

How dare he give such an address to the American people, as if we don’t know better.

This link, thanks to Daily Kos, to a reporter who knows better.
Reality Check: Bush’s State Of The Union Speech

Do you think they are laughing in the rest of the free world?


One response to “SOTU bombs.

  1. Hi.

    All presidents give the same speech regardless of circumstances. Sloughing over the weak spots, highlighting the good, setting goals for the future, attempting to create unity in the nation.

    Some will always see evil in the actions of others. Always.

    I sure wouldn’t want the job.

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