Happy New year

I made a few resolutions last year and the year before and surprisingly I kept most of them.

Last year at this time I was in the process of thinking about starting my own business, the time-line, within two years; it happened much quicker than that.

The resolution to play more golf panned out but this coming year, due to running my own business, the resolution has to change somewhat, so it is now  “I will play as much golf as I possibly can while continuing to work my ass off to rope in clients and increase my income potential”.

I made a resolution to spend more time with my son which I did; this year he will learn to golf or at least be introduced to a plastic golf club. He’s already managed to break a couple of things while trying to handle one of my old golf clubs which brings me to another resolution. I will watch my son more carefully when he is in my sole charge.

That’s about it.



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