Lunch leanings.

Looks like people went to see Gibson’s movie; It was the top grossing flim at the box office this weekend.

I am looking forward to the Eastwood film coming out next week.

A brief on Tiger.
When he mentions starting a family all I can think of is whther or not his kids will play golf and how good they might be.
This was not one of those nice to knows, from the Washington Post

“Maryland is one of the lowest-ranked states in the country in terms of preparedness for health emergencies such as bioterrorism or pandemic flu, but Virginia is among the 14 best-prepared states, according to a report issued by a health advocacy group yesterday.”


One response to “Lunch leanings.

  1. Love the new look. Fixed the link, thanks for telling me

    Now you have me thinking about Tiger’s kids–which haven’t been born or probably even conceived yet

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