Day after midweek.

I usually read the golf news daily.
No one can blame me for getting stuck on the following article for more than a few minutes.

Sophie Sandolo continues to turn golf fans’ heads with 2007 calendar.

Never would have come across it had I not been reading about golf, so I don’t feel in the least bit guilty.


Meanwhile, I’m trying to keep up with the postings of my blogger friends.

Pia has her blogging down to a couple times a week, or so she says but I don’t think she will stick to it.

Cooper is frustrating me with her post at Blog Critics, I was never good at talking about economics and I wish she would act her age and post about ipods, or at least something most people her age would be posting about. I’d have a chance of keeping up that way.

Just joking cooper.

Shayna, is having a quiet time and I hope all is well with her and maybe we’ll see her around more in a few months.

This is what we call a day after mid week post.

The Tribune reveiw of “Apocalypto”.

Neither Gibson’s fans nor his detractors are likely to accuse him of excessive subtlety, and the effectiveness of “Apocalypto” is inseparable from its crudity. But the blunt characterizations and the emphatic emotional cues are also evidence of the director’s skill. Perhaps because he is aiming for an audience wary of subtitles, Gibson rarely uses dialogue as a means of exposition, and he proves himself to be an able, if not always terribly original, visual storyteller. He is not afraid of clichés – the slow-motion, head-on sprint toward the camera; the leap from the waterfall into the river below – but he executes them with a showman’s maniacal relish.

And it is, all in all, a pretty good show. There is a tendency, at least among journalists, to take Gibson as either a monster or a genius, a false choice that he frequently seems intent on encouraging. Is he a madman or a visionary? Should he be shunned or embraced? Censured or forgiven? These are the wrong questions, but their persistence reveals the truth about this shrewd and bloody-minded filmmaker. He is an entertainer. He will be publicized and he will be paid.

I’ll pass.


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