Nothing much from here

I thought the lawn mowing was over but I had to do another pass just to crush up the leaves. We don’t bag them; we just crush them and let them sit. That’s what happens when tow city kids moved to a two acre lot in the country – what used to be the country that is.

Pelosi won’t pick Hastings to run intel panel
Speaker has not disclosed her choice, but it’s unlikely to be Harman

A significant predicament for the incoming speaker.

I’m not sure I want the head of my intelligence committee to have believed we were standing up to evil.

“Do I think what we’re doing today means we’re going to war? No. I think we’re standing up to evil,” Harman said when the House voted to authorize Bush to attack Iraq in 2002.”

Do we fear the blue dogs?

Nothing else from here this week, business, and more business and
I’m grateful for that.


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