Rainy Day Post

I started this, then the post disappeared into blogger hell.

I’m waiting for this decsion.

The storms are raging here; it’s raining cats and dogs. We are under a tornado watch until this evening and a severe thunderstorm warning for a while longer.

We have family coming in next week, for the holiday. I can’t take the time to travel this year, my business is new and I have too much that needs to get done during the holiday. Instead we are having out of town guests.

I took an accent test at Shayna’s site and I came out Southern. I don’t speak with much of a southern accent at least not that I notice, I did do my undergrad in the south but I am not from there. In the state I currently live in the accents can be southern or northern depending on where you are but people, not from here, tend to think people in Maryland have a bit of a southern drawl.

Pia has another podcast and a new picture blog.

I borrowed this link from the Liberal Avenger.

Pope Considers Lifting Celibacy Rule
Rule Would Be Lifted For Priests Seeking Marriage

That’s it for me.


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