Post Halloween sugar crash.

I hope you all had a good Halloween.

Not enough Snicker bars here, my son had more fun passing out the candy to the olde kiddies latter in the evening than he did obtaining it.

U.S. Site Suspended for Posting Nuclear Documents

The kid next door tells me he could probably make one. Think I should move?

Quote from Rolling Stone.

I’ve actually got a lot of sympathy for Ted Haggard.You head a 30 million strong coalition of born-again Christians. You’ve got a standing Monday phone date with the White House. You get second billing to _the_ James Dobson on “The Battle for Marriage” Simulcast…

But you buy meth from a massage-giving homo-gigolo, one time!, and everyone turns on you like you’re some sort of two-faced demagogue.

Seriously. What kind of world are we living in when our moral leaders can’t take the edge off with a little crystal and some deep-tissue homoeroticism?

I wish my last name was Jones.  I could use a vacation.
Brings to mind, “Me and Mrs. Jones, we got a thing going on,”

Wonder if I can find that old CD.

I won a big arguement with my wife years ago when she insisted Al Green was the artist behind the hit “Me and Mrs Jones”.

I won.

It was Billy Paul.


One response to “Post Halloween sugar crash.

  1. LOL! We have tons of candy… and will have for probably the next year!

    The whole sex-scandal… that is a funny quote from Rolling Stone…

    Nice to know you know your music! 🙂

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