I’ll be around.

Do people purchase and consume egg salad from outside sources? I’ve always thought that was dangerous.

I’m busy working on some potential ways of product branding an organization which has contracted with me for two years. Two years is good for a first time client most people will give you one campaign two year will give me two maybe three. There will be little time for blogging over the next fee weeks, maybe well into and past the holiday season. I’ll do my best.

My lunch hour is the time of day I usually read and post in blogs. In the evening my wife and I exchange our day, each competing for the “most diffifcult day” position. I spend the rest of the time with my son. I don’t teach him anything we just play -t- ball, kick the ball, read me that book, jump on daddy’s back and get black newspaper print all over. I sometimes read him my proposals, he finds this funny but at times is quite attentive. I can tell by the look on his face he is just humoring me.

Often while reading the news I want to bury my head in the sand. It’s easier to read stories about egg salad killing seventeen people than to read about the mess we have still in Afghanistan, the continued death toll in Iraq, the worsening genocide in Darfur.

I will be around but if not I’m not lost just putting food on the table.


One response to “I’ll be around.

  1. I’m still not real sure what you do…

    My hubby and I often do the same thing… competing for the most difficult work day… 🙂

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